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6 Ballpoint Pen Cartridges

6 Ballpoint Pen Cartridges

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If you live outside of the United States we apologize for the higher shipping cost. We are working quickly to get our product into fulfillment centers around the world for affordable shipping.

Each package comes with six ballpoint dot pen cartridges. There are three black and three blue cartridges contained in each package. The ballpoint pens are .5mm and are perfect for practice! Each cartridge will last for four hours of continual use. We are currently working on a version for coil machines, different ballpoint sizes and other products to aid you in the tattoo learning process. These will not harm your tattoo machine unless you apply a large amount of pressure. 


* Six ballpoint dot pen cartridges 

* Three black & three blue 

* .5mm ballpoint size

* Ink lasts for four hours of continual use per cartridge

If you order from outside of the US your country may charge you an import tax upon arrival. You are responsible for any additional customs fees or import tax. Inlumino Heart Ink is not liable for these charges.

*Patent Pending*

*Tattoo machine not included*

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