The Ballpoint Dot Pen Tattoo Cartridge

If you are an aspiring tattoo artist, or already a professional, you may have heard of or seen people rigging pens to their tattoo machines. While a tattoo cartridge is typically used for tattooing, this cartridge has a ballpoint pen inside which can be used on paper for practice and for creation of new art. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of using a ballpoint tattoo pen cartridge on paper and how it can improve your skills.

What is a ballpoint tattoo pen cartridge?

A ballpoint tattoo pen cartridge is a specialized cartridge with a ballpoint pen inside that is inserted into a tattoo machine. This allows the user to smoothly practice on paper, creating precise dots that can be used to create intricate designs or practice.

While tattoo machines have always been used on skin, the ballpoint tattoo pen cartridge can now allow artists to use their machines on paper. Many tattoo artists use homemade cartridges or pens rigged up to their machines for practice or too create designs on paper. 

When used on paper, a pen cartridge can help improve your skills as an artist. The precision and control needed to tattoo on skin correctly can similarly be found in practicing with this product.  Additionally, it is practical for understanding hand speed, how to pull & push lines, whip shading, how a change in voltage effects the speed of the pen or needle, and many other uses.

Another benefit of using a ballpoint cartridge on paper is that it allows you to experiment with different techniques and styles. You can try out different shading techniques, experiment with different angles, and practice creating different textures.

Using this product can also be a cost-effective way to practice your skills. Instead of using expensive tattoo equipment and supplies, you can use a ballpoint tattoo pen cartridge and a simple sketchbook to practice your designs.


A ballpoint tattoo pen cartridge can be a valuable tool for any artist or aspiring tattoo artist. The precision, control, and ease of use offered by the tattoo pen cartridge make it a great choice for artists looking to improve their skills and experiment with new techniques.