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"Electric Pro Dot Pen is a game-changer. Precise, long-lasting, and portable. A must-have for art enthusiasts. Love it!" - Kaetlyn S.

97% customer satisfaction rate

Introducing the Electric Pro Dot Pen

Your Portable Pointillism Partner

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Electric Pro Dot Pen

The heart of your creative arsenal, this advanced pen allows you to effortlessly create stunning pointillism artworks.

What's Inside:


Six Black Ballpoint Pen Cartridges

Ensure a steady supply of ink for your artistic expressions, making it easy to switch out cartridges and keep your creations flowing. Each cartridge lasts for 4 hours of continuous use.

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Two Battery Supplies

You can enjoy up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge, ensuring that your inspiration never wanes.

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USBC Charging Cable

Keep your Electric Pro Dot Pen powered up and ready for action with the included charging cable.

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Adjustable Speeds

With adjustable speeds you can change the pace at which you create. The machine boasts a range of 4-7.5v and can easily be changed with the plus and minus button located on the battery.

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Electric Pro Dot Pen

Unleash your inner artist and make every moment an opportunity for artistic expression with the Electric Pro Dot Pen.

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